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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell second hand Bikes?

No we do not sell second hand bikes or trade in bikes. Dealing in these bikes is not our business model as we cannot provide the warranty that customers demand with their bikes

How much can I expected to get for my bike if I selling it second hand?

That is a very tough question as there are many variables when selling a second hand bike. The best option is to present a clean, well looked after bike to the sell. Then ask what you believe is reasonable price.

Are you open on Sundays?

That is a firm NO. Sundays are ride days. Ask us about mountain shuttles at Mount Borah.

What if I am not satisfied with The Broken Spoke?

We endeavour to be the best bike shop in town. However when working on mechanical machines, we understand that not all customers will be satisfied. If you are not satisfied, please approach us with the issue and we will endeavour to work through it with you.

Do you like riding bikes?

Easy answer...... Hell Yes!

Do you have a customer referral program?

Not really, but we will definitely we look after you if you have referred another customer and we have completed a sales with them.

Do you provide a quotation prior to work being conducted

We will always attempt to provide you with a reasonable quotation prior to work commencement. But please understand that some extra work expenses may occur and then we will ring you to inform you of such increases.

Do you hire bikes?

Sorry no we do not hire bikes.

What is the First Service Free policy?

If you are offered a "First Service Free" option. Then this will only be redeemable within the first 3 months of your purchase. The cost of parts is NOT part of this service agreement. A first service is generally there just to ensure that the components of your bike a still functioning correctly and all fastenings are still correctly torqued.

Do you recommend in tube tyre sealant?

This all depends on you and where you ride. We will offer it to you as an add on to your purchase. Generally children's bikes will get the sealant for free.

Should I invest in a tubeless setup?

Tubeless setups are not bullet proof and they require maintenance. But saying that they allow you more versatility in tyre pressure and tyre performance. If you are new to biking, I would recommend other products such as Tannus Armour that will give you a similar effect. 

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