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Gravel/Road Bike


A gravel bike is a drop-bar bike designed to let you ride over many different surfaces. The drop handlebar and sporty geometry means you can make good progress on the road –but, with wider tyres, lower gearing and stable handling, you can also head off-road with confidence.

Orbea Terra Action 1.jpg

Orbea Terra

Endless exploring, overnight adventures, rough backroads and gravel trails, there are a lot of ideas about what gravel is. What isn't in doubt is that a gravel bike needs to do them all with control, speed and comfort but above all with a thirst for fun. Designed from the ground up for gravel, Terra isn't a repurposed road bike or a slimmed down mountain bike. Add comfort to your road adventures, finally discover where that dirt trail leads or let your trips spread overnight. There is a wide world out there and Terra is ready to explore it with you. 

Orbea Australia.

Merida Silex


There's a certain beauty in just riding without watching the time, heading wherever you feel the urge. Whether embarking on a multi-surface training ride, a dedicated gravel spin, a bike packing adventure, or simply finding out where this road or track takes you, the SILEX will be by your side.

Merida Australia

Merida Silex 700.jpg
Trek Checkpoint GravelColorado.jpg

Trek Checkpoint

The Checkpoint is made for adventure, whether you’re racing Unbound Gravel, bikepacking on a remote logging road or cruising down the bike path. It’s fast, comfortable and smooth, and its versatile design ensures that you’ll reach all the places you dream of exploring on two wheels.

Trek Australia

Orbea Orca


Performance, technology and style have always been cornerstones of cycling. We may not compete but we love the feel of a racing bike – an Orca that is light, fast and beautiful. Professional athletes, weekend warriors, Strava hunters and recreational riders all have similar aspirations – we love the machine as much as the lifestyle.

Orbea Australia

Orbea Orca.jpg
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